The Ola S1 Air could go on sale in the next months, as Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted about it being available in July. For comparison, the scooter was introduced last August for an introductory price of Rs. 84,999 (ex-showroom, Bengaluru).

However, the brand altered its range again in February 2023, and the S1 Air is now available in three variations. These differ in battery capacity since purchasers have three options: 4kWh, 3kWh, and 2kWh. Aside from that, all models are identical in terms of style, hardware, and functions.

OLA S1 Air
OLA S1 Air

The majority of the Ola S1 Air’s design is based on the S1 Pro. As a result, you’ll see the same twin projector LED headlight with a tube LED bezel surrounding it, as well as the same curving side panels as the previous variants. However, Ola has removed the central spine that went through the floorboard of the Pro and ordinary models of the S1 Air. This has resulted in an additional storage area in front of the boot.

The mechanical arrangement of the S1 Air consists of a 2.7kW motor paired with the aforementioned battery options. It has a top speed of 85kmph and a maximum range of 165km under optimum riding conditions. It also has a 34-litre under-seat storage compartment, which is two litres smaller than the other trims. The Ola S1 Air comes with a 7-inch TFT display that can be used to lock and unlock the scooter as well as access other features such as reverse mode, ride modes, music, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and more.

The S1 Air is the most affordable scooter in Ola’s lineup, competing with the TVS iQube standard and the Ather 450X base model.