The much-anticipated Bajaj CNG bike has been delayed. The bike was scheduled to be released in June, but it has now been pushed back to July 17, 2024. Bajaj has not given any explanation for the delay in the launch.

The Bajaj CNG bike is supposed to transform commuting in India. It will be the first production motorcycle with a CNG and petrol dual-fuel system. This should result in an amazing interval between fill-ups. However, the time it takes to fill up CNG, particularly in metros, may be a challenge because of the large line of vehicles that form outside CNG stations.

Bajaj CNG bike
Bajaj CNG bike

Nonetheless, the Bajaj CNG bike offers outstanding engineering to accommodate the ‘CNG tank’, as shown in the bike’s drawings. Bajaj has managed to maximise space by positioning the CNG tank along the length of the bike and employing sloper engine arrangement. The engine’s specifications are currently unknown, however it is believed to be a 125cc commuter engine. The engine will be mated with a five-speed transmission.

Bajaj is reportedly expected to release the CNG bike in two versions: one for metropolitan areas and a more durable version for rural India. The latter will feature a sump guard, knuckle guard, and handlebar bracing.

The Bajaj CNG bike will carry a lot of weight, and it will be interesting to see how it rides and how customers react to it. The bike is likely to cost around Rs 80,000, ex-showroom.